The Compass Agile Healthcare Platform

The Ultimate Power Tool

The heart of CompassAE is its development toolkit. It’s a powerful platform for creating beautiful web and mobile apps that work together with the built-in programs.

Starting with a working platform and showing sustainable and organized progress is a game changing way to work. Take a look at what our customers have created!

Dynamic Business Logic

Intelligent Orchestration
  • Visually define business flows
  • Perform service orchestration
  • Include manual workflow steps
Dynamic Rules
  • Dynamically add rules to workflows
  • Use internal rules engine, or
  • Integrate with your own DSS

Rich Platform APIs

Compass understands key healthcare interoperability technologies like FHIR and X12, and includes platform API that let you integrate your solutions into technologies you already use.

  • Extend the platform
  • Roll your own custom process and tools
  • Connect Compass to your EHR and business systems

Secure, Elastic Infrastructure

  • HIPAA-compliant database, servers and infrastructure
  • Scale the base platform up or down as needed
  • Advanced multi-tenancy lets you include your business partners safely

The Compass Agile Healthcare Platform

The Platform for Healthcare

Compass Agile Healthcare Platform was built from the outset to be multi-tenant, cloud-deployable and mobile-friendly.

CompassAE changes the equation between packaged software and custom development, offering a continuum between the two and allowing for immediate productivity together with the flexibility of the embedded development platform and toolkit, as well as rich APIs as points of extension and integration.

With simple, friendly licensing and endless flexibility, there isn’t a better way to grow your business or launch a new idea.

Connecting people makes all the difference.

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